3 Elliptical Workouts for all Fitness Levels

Elliptical workout machines first hit the market in the 1950’s. In the over half-century since, they have increased in popularity by better simulating walking, bike riding and stair climbing while minimizing impact on the joints. There are many other valuable aspects of elliptical machines including their availability in gyms just about everywhere. They provide excellent cardio, are adjustable to meet just about everyone’s needs.

A few thoughts on elliptical training. While more experienced users can usually jump right onto an elliptical, beginning users should consider stretching before getting started. Stretching hamstring and calf muscles can be particularly beneficial to new users. Also, keep in mind, elliptical training can be a bit boring if done in long stretches with little pace change. Getting in the proper state of mind and recognizing why you are working to improve your fitness before and during exercising can help motivate you through your workout. Finally, don’t just dial it in. If you don’t feel like you are working out, you probably aren’t. Make the most of each of your workouts and results will improve!

From cardio to improving endurance, elliptical workouts provide excellent results no matter where you are in the level of your fitness or experience. Here are three elliptical workouts to choose from.

Elliptical Workout for Beginners: 35 Minutes

It will help beginners to understand how the varying motions available on most elliptical machines benefit specific areas of the body. Pedaling in a forward motion for example can benefit your quads. Pedaling in reverse will help hamstrings and gluteal muscles of the buttocks. Pushing handlebars improves chest muscles while pulling on them works your upper back. You can even improve your core by sitting upright and not using the handles at all. With these thoughts in mind, here is a terrific 35 minute elliptical workout for beginners to take full advantage of an elliptical.

The Warm Up:

First three minutes: Use light resistance at about 130 strides per minute (SPM) to warm up for three minutes.

Minutes three thru five: Increase resistance slightly while maintaining your SPM to conclude your five minute warm up.

Lower Body and Cardio Workout

Minutes five thru 10: Increase SPM to about a five out of 10 level and speed up your SPM slightly to about 140 SPM.

Minutes 10 thru 15: Adjust tension to about a seven out of 10 level pedal backwards, maintaining that 140 SPM for the next five minutes.

Minutes 15 thru 20: At the 15 minute mark, simply switch from pedaling in reverse to pedaling forward keeping the same resistance and SPM level. Continue for the next five minutes.

Upper Lower and Upper Body Workout

Minutes 20 thru 22:30: While maintaining your stride pace and tension level, push on the upper handles.

Minutes 22:30 thru 25: Maintain stride and tension pace while pulling on the upper handles.

Core Workout

Minutes 25 thru 30: Bring down tension to level five while maintaining a 140 SPM. Sit erect while continuing your workout for the next five minutes.

Cool Down

Minutes 30 thru 35: Reduce tension to about a level three and reduce SPM to 130 for the final five minute cool down period.

30 Minute Intermediate Elliptical and Bike Workout

This quickly changing 30 minute workout for intermediate users makes use of both a stationary bike and an elliptical, split into two 15 minute workouts for each machine. It is an excellent cardio workout.

Stationary Bike Workout: 15 Minutes

First five minutes: This is your warm up period. Use about a 30% exertion level for the first five minutes.

After your warm up, you will move into a routine that moves you through a series of sprints and exertion levels.

Minute five to six: 60% exertion level.

Minute six to 6.5: 80% sprint level exertion.

Minute 6.5 to 7.5: Reduce down to a 40% exertion level.

Minute 7.5 to 8.5: Increase exertion level to about 60%.

Minute 8.5 to 9: 80% sprint level exertion.

Minute nine to 10: Reduce down to a 40% exertion level.

Minute 10 to 11: Increase exertion level to about 60%.

Minute 11 to 12: 80% sprint level exertion.

The last three minutes are the cool down period at a 30% exertion level.

Elliptical Workout: 15 Minutes

The elliptical workout is similar to the routine of the stationary bike, moving you through a series of sprints and stride per minute levels.

First three minutes: This is your elliptical warm up period. Start with about level three resistance at about 130 strides per minute (SPM).

Minute three to five: Increase resistance to level five and SPM to about 150.

Minute five to six: Increase resistance again to a level seven and move to about a 190 SPM sprint.

Minute six to seven: Reduce resistance to a level four at an SPM level of 140.

Minute seven to eight: Increase resistance to a level seven and move to about a 190 SPM sprint.

Minute eight to 10: Reduce to a resistance level five at 150 SPM.

Minute 10 to 12: Increase to a level six resistance at 170 SPM.

Minute 12 to 13: Increase resistance to a level seven and move to about a 190 SPM sprint.

The final two minutes is a cool down period at a level three resistance and 140 SPM.

An Advanced Short but Difficult Workout

This advanced workout is for the more experienced elliptical user and should be performed with an incline of 20%. It quickly changes pace and is perfect when time is short. It takes just over 20 minutes to complete.

The first five minutes: Here is your warm up period with the first three minutes at a three resistance and minutes three to five at a five resistance.

The second five minutes: This involves a series of quick pace and exertion changes that last one minute each, and are to be repeated five times at about a six resistance level.

Eight seconds at an exertion level of nine or 10.

12 seconds at a exertion level of five.

Eight seconds at a nine or 10 exertion level.

12 seconds at a exertion level of five.

Eight seconds at a nine or 10 exertion level.

12 seconds at an exertion level of five.

Use the next two minutes for a recovery time, moving backward at about a three exertion level.

Minutes 12 through 17 are a repeat of the series of quick pace changes performed in the second five minutes.

Minutes 17 to 22 are your cool down, with three minutes at level five and the final two minutes at level three.








Written by Treadmills & Ellipticals